Video of Emmy Rizma Tobing’s Apology to the Atta Halilintar Family, Here’s the Contents – Emmy Rizma Tobing issued an official statement of public apology today after being involved in the recent controversy.

In the video uploaded to the Facebook account @Gomez Alzames (14/6), Emmy Rizma Tobing sincerely admits her mistakes and is committed to improving herself.

Emmy Rizma Tobing, a woman who works as a teacher, faced a challenge when a few days ago she was involved in a scandal that shocked the public.

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However, he did not hide or shy away from his responsibilities.

Instead, Emmy chose to face reality and was determined to grow as a better individual.

In her apology video, Emmy humbly speaks directly to the Atta and Aurel families, fans, colleagues in her profession and everyone affected by her actions.

“Greetings, Mr. Atta and Mrs. Aurel and the Atta Halilintar extended family. My name is Emmy Rizma Tobing, 35 years old,” he said.

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“I want to sincerely and deeply apologize. I regret my actions. I have harmed many parties, especially Bang Atta and Ameena Hana Nur Atta,” he said regretfully.

“I’m sorry dear, Ameena is healthy and has a long life, getting smarter to be a pious child. I have absolutely no motive whatsoever. I commented on Ameena’s video for fun and thought it had no effect.”

“But it turned out that I had made a big mistake because there was an element of insult, insult, and even had the effect of slander, defamation, good name,” he said while sobbing.

“Until Ms. Aurel hurts. As a mother, I also realize how hurt Aurel is when her child is treated like Ameena.”

“I didn’t even think that my husband, a member of the National Police, would be brought here, while my husband had no idea what I was doing.”

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