PLN UID West Sumatra Conducts Disaster Care Actions for Flood Victims in Padang in the Form of Dozens of Basic Food Packages – PT PLN (Persero) West Sumatra Main Distribution Unit (UID) through the Baitul Maal Foundation (YBM) PLN UID West Sumatra carried out a disaster care action.

The action was carried out by distributing aid to flood-affected residents in Padang City, West Sumatra last Friday (14/7).

YBM PLN is here to directly distribute dozens of basic food packages to be distributed directly to flood victims in several locations.

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Among them are Air Pacah and Dadok Tunggul Hitam sub-districts, Koto Tangah sub-district, Padang City.

The distribution of basic food packages was focused on flood victims in the city of Padang as an effort to meet the food needs of the local community after being affected by the floods.

Chairman of YBM PLN UID West Sumatra Armunanto said this activity was a quick response and solidarity action from YBM PLN UID West Sumatra to affected flood victims in Padang City due to quite high rainfall on July 13 and 14 yesterday.

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“We really feel the impact of this flood, this assistance is a form of our concern and empathy for the victims of the flash flood disaster in the city of Padang. We hope that this basic food assistance can be useful and ease the burden on the victims,” ​​said Armunanto.

Meanwhile, the head of RW 14 stump in the village of Dadok Tunggul Hitam, Ibu Yanti, expressed her happiness.

“Thank you to YBM PLN for this assistance, I hope that what YBM PLN has provided will be a blessing and ease the burden on the community,” he said.

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