Suspected Ustadz Leader of Islamic Boarding School Named as Suspect in 15-Year-Old Santri Abuse Case – After undergoing an examination, the suspected perpetrator with the initials Ustadz with the initials ZU, the head of the Heaven Religion Islamic boarding school, was named a suspect.

Based on the results of the investigation, the suspected perpetrator was in sync with the recognition of a 15-year-old student with the initials S as the victim.

In relation to this case, the Police Chief Polman monitored the development of the obscenity case at the Wonomulyo Police Headquarters where the police were examining the victim’s family

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According to the Police Chief AKBP Agung Budi Leksono, the results of the investigation by the Ustadz ZU admitted all of his actions against the victim with the initials S.

During the investigation, the alleged perpetrator was cooperative and in sync with victim S’s report, where he received obscene treatment from the leadership of the Islamic boarding school where he studied.

According to the police chief also asked if there are other victims to report immediately.

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Now the police are still investigating cases of sexual abuse of minors by examining witnesses

And will immediately conduct a case title before naming Ustadz ZU as a suspect.

It is known that a student with the initials S, 15 years old, is suspected of having been molested by the leadership of the Islamic boarding school according to a report received by the police.

The incident began when the victim was going to the Islamic boarding school cafeteria at 10 pm.

At that time the victim was suddenly called by the head of the Islamic boarding school with the initials Z when he was passing in front of the room, which happened to be the position of the suspected perpetrator’s room not far from the cafeteria.

Upon arrival in the room, the victim was invited to chat and sleep while, undressing and then touching the victim’s body to do something indecent.

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