Padang City Government Receives Assistance from BNPB of Rp. 250 Million, See Reviews and Full Explanations – The Municipal Government of Padang, West Sumatra (West Sumatra), received assistance from BNPB in the amount of IDR 250 million to purchase boats, tank cars, and water pumps to deal with floods that occurred in the local area.

“Thank God, the city of Padang will receive Rp. 250 million, which will later be used for disaster management,” said Padang Mayor Hendri Septa, Sunday.

In the near future, his party will solve the problem of flooding which is a problem in the Dadok Tunggul Hitam area and its surroundings.

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“Directions from BNPB and the governor how to relocate residents on the outskirts of the hill because it is prone to disasters,” he said.

He thanked the Governor of W Sumatra Mahyeldi Ansharullah who will carry out river improvements in the Maransi area.

Meanwhile Plt Main Secretary of BNPB Rustian said the high-intensity rains since Thursday (14/7) resulted in a number of areas in W Sumatra experiencing flooding and landslides.

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“The rain that occurred a few days ago caused landslides and flooding, one of which was in Padang City. We from BNPB visited the location to make sure the emergency status was based on regulations,” he said.

He explained that the emergency handling mechanism could run according to the established rules and he had received a report on the impact of the disaster.

“Thank God the mayor has reported it, now it’s just a matter of further handling. The land here (the hill near SMA 6) is quite steep, there must be planning ahead. So convince the public that living in this area is very dangerous,” he added.

After conducting a review at the point where the landslide occurred, Rustian mentioned the need for planning ahead in disaster management.

Meanwhile, BNPB held a coordination meeting to respond to natural disasters that occurred at almost the same time in a number of districts in West Sumatra.

“Seeing that several areas in West Sumatra were experiencing disasters at almost the same time, BNPB immediately moved quickly by sending a team led by Acting Main Secretary (Plt) who also served as Director of Emergency Resources Support Rustian to coordinate and accelerate steps for handling disaster emergencies. on Saturday (15/7),” said Head of Center for Disaster Data, Information and Communication Abdul Muhari.

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