Again, again! There’s been an accident and this time it’s a series of accidents on Jalan Jatibarang – There was a series of accidents that occurred on Jalan Jatibarang, Ngaliyan District, Semarang City, Central Java (Central Java).

The accident involved five vehicles.

Head of the Semarang Polrestabes Satlantas Gakkum Unit, AKP Adji Setiawan said, for the vehicles involved there were two cars and three motorbike riders.

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“One person died,” he explained. Currently, three victims were injured and one victim was declared dead.

The victim who died was taken to Kariadi General Hospital for treatment.

Until now police officers and a team of volunteers are still handling the incident.

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The Ertiga car that was involved in the accident has also been evacuated.

“We have brought the Ertiga car to the office,” he explained.

Monitoring at the location, so far one car and three motorized vehicles involved in the accident are still at the location.

As of 3:56 p.m. WIB, the water-laden truck appeared to have left the shoulder of the road.

Meanwhile, three other motorized vehicles were loaded into police cars.

Until now, police officers are still investigating the cause of the successive accident.

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