A bridge worth Rp. 9 billion was heavily damaged by the overflow of river water, see the following explanation

BONSERNEWS.com – There was a natural disaster that hit several areas in the Lumajang region due to high rain intensity.

In addition to landslides, there were also flash floods due to the overflow of the Leprak River due to lava flow from Mount Semeru.

The flood that has occurred has also damaged public facilities.

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One of the affected facilities is the Kaliregoyo Suspension Bridge in Sumberwuluh Village, Candipuro District, on Friday (7/7/2023).

A viral video recording shows a resident recording the moment the river overflowed into the Rp. 9 billion bridge.

In the viral video about the hot lava attack that hit the Kaliregoyo Bridge, it went viral on social media.

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The narration in the video also depicts the tense atmosphere of the recorder.

“Seconds of the Kaliregoyo Suspension Bridge were destroyed,” said the recorder, whose identity was not yet known.

Responding to this flood disaster caused by continuous rain, the local government is reported to have provided treatment at the affected location.

Aid to residents has also begun to be distributed.()

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