The Bekasi City Government Through the Education Office Opens a WhatsApp Center Service Regarding Online PPDB Complaints – The Bekasi City Government through the Education Office opened a WhatsApp Center service regarding PPDB Online complaints.

It is known that Registration for PPDB TA 2023/2024 is tomorrow (8/7/2023).

PPDB for the 2023/2024 academic year will be closed at 16.00 WIB.

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If there are problems with PPDB Online complaints, you can directly contact the WhatsApp Center service.

This service is intended for parents/guardians of prospective students who are dissatisfied with the results of student selection.

You can immediately contact the WhatsApp Center service at both the public elementary and public junior high school levels in Bekasi City.

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“Hi residents of Bekasi City, especially parents/guardians of CPD SDN and SMPN in Bekasi City. Registration for PPDB TA 2023/2024 tomorrow (8/7/2023) at 16.00 WIB will be closed. For CPD parents/guardians who feel dissatisfied with the acquisition of the selection results this time, please convey your complaints through our wa center listed above,” wrote on the account @disdik_kota_bekasi.()

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