Following is the profile of Fahmi Husaeni’s wife, Anggi Anggraeni, who is viral on TikTok, see full profile – A pair of newlyweds suddenly went viral on TikTok and became the public spotlight with their story.

The day after the contract was executed on Sunday, June 25 2023, Fahmi Husaeni’s wife, Anggi Anggraeni, suddenly disappeared.

Monday, June 26, 2023, Fahmi Husaeni admitted that Anggi Anggraeni asked her husband for permission to COD (Cash on Delivery) geprek chicken in front of her alley.

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After that, it turned out that Anggi Anggraeni did not return to her house and made Fahmi Husaeni worry.

Anggi Anggraeni’s husband revealed that the wedding procession went well, so he did not understand what was wrong until his wife disappeared.

It had been more than 7 days, Anggi Anggraeni had not returned home, causing her husband to suspect that she had been kidnapped.

With the news of the loss of Fahmi Husaeni’s wife going viral, people are starting to wonder who Anggi Anggraeni is.

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The following is the biodata of Fahmi Husaeni’s wife, namely Anggi Anggraeni, who is viral on TikTok.

Fahmi Husaeni revealed that when the marriage contract with Anggi Anggraeni went well without any problems.

However, after one day of the marriage ceremony, all circumstances changed, namely Anggi Anggraeni suddenly disappeared leaving her husband.

Fahmi Husaeni hopes that Anggi Anggraeni can return, because her husband and family are waiting for her to return.

Anggraeni’s husband asked the community for help to find his wife who went missing the day after their wedding.

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