Viral video of mass possession in Majalengka with a duration of 19 seconds and even a trance screaming for a head – A mass trance event occurred at a factory in Majalengka Regency.

This incident made the situation at the factory tense.

Not only that, there was even one of the workers who was possessed screaming for a head.

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This horror moment of mass possession is viral on social media.

In the 19-second viral video, you can see a woman sitting in a wheelchair, unraveling her hair. He was crying while screaming for something.

“Haaayanghuluuuuu… haayanghuluuuuu… (I want a head, I want a head),” said the woman who was in a trance.

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It is known that this mass possession event occurred on Thursday (6/7), at 11.00 WIB.

There were about a hundred people experiencing mass trance.

“Approximately 100 employees are possessed,” said Majalengka Police Chief AKBP Indra Novianto.

Indra conveyed that this mass possession began to be under control at around 15.30 WIB on the same day.

This was thanks to the help of his fellow co-workers who continued to calm the trance victims.

“For handling it, that is by co-workers helping each other to calm employees who are in a trance,” said Indra.

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