Chronology of Missing Student Angeline Nathania: Found Dead! – The sad news regarding the disappearance and discovery of the body of a student named Angeline Nathania, a resident from Mount Anyar Tambak, Surabaya City, has gone viral.

After several weeks of disappearance, on Wednesday (7/6/23), Angeline Nathania’s body was found in a decomposing condition, wrapped in a suitcase and a sack in Gajahmungkur Gorge, Jalan Pacet-Cangar.

After an investigation, it turned out that Angeline Nathania was killed by a music tutor on Thursday, May 3, 2023.

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The perpetrator of the murder was a man named Rochmad Bagus Apriyatna, a resident of Gunung Anyar Kidul, Gunung Anyar District, Surabaya City.

The murder occurred on Wednesday, 3 May 2023, and the body was immediately dumped into the Gajahmungkur Gorge on 4 May 2023.

According to information from officers from the Pacet Police who are currently installing it police line on the side of the road where the discovery was made, at 13.46 WIB, the white sack package got stuck in a tree in a ravine on the east side of the road with a depth of 20 meters.

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Officers from the police, TNI and Tahura Raden Soerjo went down to the ravine to confirm the contents of the package.

After inspection, it turned out that a body was found in a black suitcase wrapped in a white sack.

After being successfully evacuated, the victim’s body was taken to the mortuary room of Sumberglagah Hospital, Pacet, by the police and medical team.

Chronology of the Disappearance of Angeline Nathania

Previously, it was reported that Angeline Nathania had been reported missing since Tuesday (2/5/23).

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