The following is the Data for the Victims of the ‘Deadly Accident’ in the Jatibarang Derivatives, Let’s See the Full Review Below – The fatal accident occurred at the Jatibarang derivative, Semarang, Central Java.

The accident resulted in one death and five injuries.

The accident occurred when a water tanker hit a car and three motorbikes.

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The following is what was revealed from the “Deadly Accident” in the Jatibarang derivative.

1. Trucks Shake to Hit Motorcycles and Cars

This accident occurred precisely on Jalan Untung Suropati, from the bottom of the incline towards the Jatibarang landfill, Mount Kelir, Mijen, at 13.15 WIB.

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This accident involved a tanker truck bearing the letter Tjakarta Tirta number H 8124 DG, an Ertiga car, a sports motorbike and two automatic motorbikes.

One resident, Jimmy, said he had seen the truck coming from above or Mijen heading for Manyaran.

The truck was running in a shaky state.

“It’s been rocking down. But the truck driver has also crashed his truck to the side but kept going,” said Jimmy at the location.

Allegedly Brake Failed

Police suspect the accident was because the truck’s brakes failed. The truck driver could not control the speed of the vehicle.

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