There are mothers who bring children who fall from motorbikes in Sukmajaya, Depok, see the full review – There were mothers who brought their children who fell from motorbikes in Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java (West Java), became viral on Instagram social media.

In uploading the photo, the user shared the story that the two women and children fell because of an unsealed dugout.

“Just now, in front of the eyes of two mothers carrying their children, they fell from the motorbike in front of Mutiara Depok because the excavation hole was not cleaned up. Where did it fall on the road. Luckily there was no truck behind it. Just sitting on the excavation is like bread dough,” wrote the uploader.

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Users also tagged the upload to the Instagram account @imambhartono, the account of the Deputy Mayor of Depok, Imam Budi Hartono, and @idrisashomad, the account of the Mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris.

Responding to this incident, the Depok City Government (Pemkot) explained that the hole was a former Telkom cable excavation project.

The municipal government will ask Telkom to immediately close the former hole.

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“This is Telkom’s work. They have asked for permission from the Depok City Government because in the context of cable termination and all cables along Tole Iskandar must be underground. And Telkom will immediately repair and close the asphalt,” said the Head of the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office (DPUPR) ) City of Depok Citra Indah Yulianty.

Citra said that they had held an evaluation meeting with Telkom to cover the hole in the former cable excavation project with asphalt (hotmix).

Depok municipal government is waiting for action from Telkom.

“Yesterday’s evaluation meeting with Telkom, will soon be tidied up with hotmix. That’s the result of the meeting. We’re waiting for Telkom,” he said.

Citra estimates that the work will likely be carried out this week.

According to him, Telkom still has unfinished excavation work on the route.

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