A busker with the initials WU threatens to carry out a bombing at the Kudus Police, see full review

BONSERNEWS.com – A busker with the initials WU (29) who threatened to carry out a bombing at the Kudus Police Office, Central Java, was arrested.

A busker from Jekulo District, Kudus, admitted that he was just doing it for fun.

This incident occurred on Friday 7 July 2023, at 08.26 WIB when WU got on the bus to busk at 08.26 WIB.

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Then he searched for information on Google via cell phone by typing URSCM.

“The SPKT alert number for the Kudus Police appeared, then the perpetrator contacted the number via WA,” said the Director of General Criminal Investigation for the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes Johanson Ronald Simamora.

WU initially typed the message ‘there is a theft at Indomaret’.

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Not long after, the busker again called the number of the Kudus Police Integrated Service Center (SPKT) and said he would bomb.

After the Kudus Police received the threat message, the joint team immediately conducted an investigation and pursuit at 17.00 WIB.

WU was then arrested on Jalan Pemuda, to be precise in front of the Dibyapuri Hotel building. To the police, WU admitted that it was just a fad.

WU is currently still being examined. For a while, from the perpetrator’s confession, the action was carried out just for fun.

“Initially, the perpetrator just typed the URSCM,” said Johanson.

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