The Pangandaran Regency Area Was Flooded and The Height Reached an Adult’s Waist of About 1.2 Meters – The Pangandaran Regency area is still inundated by floods due to high rainfall since last Thursday (6/7).

According to information compiled by, the area that is still inundated is in Bojong Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency.

The overflow of water originating from the Citonjong river continued to overflow causing hundreds of residents’ houses to be submerged.

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Head of Pangandaran District Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) Nana Suryana said that heavy rains for 3 consecutive days had caused the Citonjong River to overflow.

“As a result, 440 households were affected by the overflow of the Citonjong River. This made it difficult for residents to cook,” said Nana.

He said the height of the water discharge reached an adult’s waist of about 1.2 meters.

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In addition to the submerged houses, access to the district road in Karangnangka, which connects the road from Cibenda Village to Bojong Village, is cut off.

“Road access in Karangnangka is temporarily cut off and cannot be passed by cars or motorcycles because the road is covered with water. Considering that on both sides of the road there are wide rice fields,” he said.

To help flood survivors, Tagana Pangandaran set up a public kitchen.

Nana said the establishment of a field public kitchen was at the request of residents of Karangnangka Hamlet, Bojong Village, the number of affected people was around 400.

“The condition of the affected residents has been affected by the floods for 2 days,” he said.

The logistics currently available from the Pangandaran PMD Social Service include 100 kg of rice and 10 boxes of instant noodles, 12 liters of cooking oil, 2 boxes of ready-to-eat spices, 1 pax of salt, soy sauce and sugar. Nana said that logistical supplies were only enough for 2 meals.

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