Allegedly pickpocketed in Malioboro, a father was beaten until he was weak and helpless, this is the response from netizens – On the evening of July 23, 2023, it was discovered that a man was being beaten by residents in Malioboro, Yogyakarta.

Based on an amateur video circulating on the Twitter account @merapi_uncover, it can be seen that many people flock to one of the shopping spots in Maliobro.

Apparently, in front of the shop there was a commotion in which residents or visitors flocked to a man suspected of being a pickpocket or thief.

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In the video, a woman also says, “I don’t know thieves, I don’t know robbery.”

“But how about robbing alone?” replied another woman in the amateur video.

Not only that, through a video that is also circulating through the comments column of the post, the man who is suspected of being a pickpocket is carried by residents in a state of intoxication and not wearing clothes.

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“This pedicab driver got drunk and disturbed tourists until he slapped the gentlemen, his wife had been told to go home but he was annoying,” said the account @adheputrimrs.

“Finally the residents told me to go home, the father went home on his rickshaw, he was speeding until he hit another rickshaw and then the residents went berserk,” he continued.

In addition, netizens who flooded comments on video posts from the Twitter account @merapi_uncover also expressed their opinions about pickpockets around Malioboro.

“COPEEEEEET if caught in Malioboro usually ends up in ICU,” tweeted an account named @lhayesno.

“The rickshaw drivers often cause trouble, andong horses are often snapped with rubber and often disturb passing tourists,” said the account @boklewashere.

From the several comments that appeared, it was discovered that the possible cause of the beating, which was suspected of being a pickpocket, also came from the pedicab driver.

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