A Viral Video Showing a Mother Can Beat Her Child in a Public Place, How come? Why?

BONSERNEWS.com – Circulating a viral video showing a mother having the heart to beat her child in a public place because she missed her train on social media.

In the video, a mother can be seen taking out her frustration on her child because she missed her train at the Purwokerto Train Station, Banyumas, Central Java.

Even though the train officer had warned him.

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This mother missed the train, her child became an outlet,” she wrote in a statement on her Tiktok account @maharanibooks quoted on Wednesday (28/6/2023).

You see, the little boy was scared. Not only being scolded, the child was also hit in the stomach and pulled by the mother’s hand.

“He was beaten, punched in the stomach, pulled by his hand. Then he got angry saying that no one had told him. Even though he himself didn’t ask,” he wrote again.

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Even though the child was not being naughty and just silent.

The mother was given a warning by the officer but still scolded the child.

“Even though the child is not naughty, for God’s sake the child is quiet. The officer has given a warning not to be violent, but it is ignored,” he said.

“Finally, there were mothers who came, they couldn’t really bear to calm down. She took her child and gave it a drink,” he added.

After being scolded by his mother, another passenger gave him hugs and strokes.

However, the child returned to crying hysterically.

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