Viral husband in South Tangerang abuses his wife who is 4 months pregnant until she is battered – Cases of Domestic Violence (KDRT) have occurred again.

This time, the incident occurred at the Serpong Park Housing Complex, North Serpong District, South Tangerang.

In the video uploaded by the Instagram account @viralciledung, you can see a husband known as BJ clamping his wife’s neck, TM.

The violent incident took place in the courtyard of the house. Neighbors also witnessed the cruel event.

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Without knowing the exact cause, the husband beat the victim without mercy.

The victim suffered serious injuries to her face because her husband continued to beat her.

Not only that, the perpetrator also dragged the victim from the yard to the house.

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The brutal action of the perpetrators stopped after the environmental administrator came out and intervened, but the perpetrators, who were still emotional, even continued to challenge.

However, residents were not provoked by the threat of the perpetrators.

On Thursday 13 July 2023 evening, TM’s mother said that it started when she heard the sound of the door opening.

When examined, it was seen that the perpetrator was already in the victim’s room with the condition of the victim being seriously injured in the nose.

When he tried to intervene, he was hit in the head by the perpetrator.

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