Finally, the shroud of the mystery of the mutilation victims in Turi, Sleman has finally begun to unfold. Check out the following reviews – The veil of mystery about the mutilation victims in Turi, Sleman has finally begun to unfold.

Dirkrimum Polda DIY, Kombes Pol FX Endriadi said the victim was a student at a private university (PTS) in DIY with the initials R.

“As a result the team found the identity of the victim, the identity of the victim was in the name of the initials R. The person concerned is a student at a private university in Yogyakarta,” he said.

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The victim is a student from Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung.

They will immediately contact the victim’s family.

“Later we will inform (to the victim’s family),” he continued.

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The Wadirkrimum Polda DIY, AKBP Tri Panungko, explained that his party had communicated with the Kasihan Police, Bantul regarding reports of missing persons that had been reported.

“So it happened that there was a report of a loss at the Kasihan Police, Bantul, then we communicated with the police, we matched the findings of these pieces,” he explained.

He also asked people who found things related to the crime to report it to Polda DIY or the nearest police station.

“We only urge all DIY residents, if they find things related to this incident, such as other body parts. Then if there are people who know about this incident, they can become witnesses. Currently we are carrying out an investigation, to clarify this incident, ” he added.()

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