VIRAL! Girl in Makassar Dies after being run over by a truck because the motorbike she was sitting on reversed itself – There is a viral video of a girl with the initials NA in Makassar, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) killed by being run over by a truck because the motorbike she was sitting on reversed itself.

The incident occurred in front of a shop in the Pasar Jalan AMD Borong Jambu area, Manggala District, Makassar, on Saturday (15/7/2023) morning.

In the CCTV footage, the boy can be seen sitting alone on the motorcycle seat after his brother left him and entered the shop. The boy is holding the steering wheel of a motorbike in the front parking lot of the shop.

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“The motorbike rider (the victim’s brother) rode with the boy into the market, parked his motorbike on the sidewalk,” said Manggala Police Chief Kompol Syamsuardi.

“Suddenly the motorbike reversed and at the same time a six-wheeled vehicle was moving from north to south, so the toddler was run over by the car and his head was hit,” he added.

In the circulating video, a woman who is suspected of being the victim’s sister immediately leaves the shop and hits the body of the car while checking on the boy who was run over by the truck.

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“The head wound, it is estimated that the head was crushed, the victim was immediately taken to the Antang National Housing Center, but has died,” he said.

Now, the case is still under investigation. The police also detained the truck driver for questioning as a witness.

“We immediately took him to the accident unit, also gave understanding to his family so they would not take action outside the legal route,” he concluded.

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