CLS UM Holds Fourth of July Celebration, Does anyone know what the 4th of July Celebration is every year? Check out the Reviews

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“Students are very enthusiastic, especially because they can practice in a real context. For example when they do language games. Or when they try various foods from Indonesia such as meatballs, fried rice, martabak, and ketoprak. We deliberately invite street vendors so they interact with them,” he said ending.

“The 4th of July was for them a big day. So they also have the opportunity to celebrate their independence day while learning Indonesian, here,” said the UM FS lecturer.

This commemoration was filled with various games and performances from American students, language partners, and teachers of Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA).

American students are invited to demonstrate language proficiency as well as explore Indonesian culture.

“This afternoon they played language games which we combined with games for the August 17 commemoration. In the evening there will be performances from each class of the CLS 2023 program,” said Gatut Susanto.

Editor: Mohamad Irfan Fadly

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CLS UM Holds Fourth of July Celebration, Does anyone know what the 4th of July Celebration is every year?  Check out the Reviews

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