UNLOCKED! It turns out that this is a comparison of the work of former Anggi Anggraeni Adriaman Lase and Fahmi Husaeni

BONSERNEWS.com – The name of Anggi Anggraeni, the bride who ran away the day after her marriage ceremony with a man named Fahmi Husaeni, is currently in public discussion.

How could it not be, it was reported that Anggi Anggraeni disappeared during the Geprek COD chicken the day after the marriage contract with Fahmi Husaeni.

The bride in Bogor who disappeared the day after the wedding is also known to be in Bandung to meet her ex-boyfriend, Adriaman Lase.

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Anggi Anggraeni, who was found by her family on July 7, 2023, was determined to run away because her ex failed to move on.

As a result, Fahmi Husaeni gave in and chose to divorce the woman he had just married on June 25, 2023.

The chronology of Anggi Anggraeni’s disappearance was revealed by ASI Public Relations of the Bogor Police, Iptu Desi Triana.

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Iptu Desi Triana said that Anggi Anggraeni ran away because she wanted to pursue her love for her ex-boyfriend.

“Anggi was reported with her husband (disappeared) on June 28, 2023. Then it was discovered that Anggi was in Jakarta on July 4, 2023 where she contacted her biological mother via WhatsApp and said she was fine,” said Iptu Desi Triana.

The reason why Anggi Anggraeni ran away was because she still had love for her ex-boyfriend.

“The reason may be because of romance, he did not fully love FH (Fahmi) even though he had married her,” said First Inspector Desi Triana again.

“Actually, they (Anggi and Fahmi) have been dating for five months. Maybe because there was a sense of compulsion from Anggi and maybe his heart was with his girlfriend in Jakarta, who had been in a relationship for four years and finally came back, the motive was romance,” he explained again.

It is also suspected that Anggi Anggraeni wanted to marry Fahmi Husaeni because there was no certainty from Adriaman Lase.

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