Viral video when a legal wife comes to her husband’s wedding with another woman, see the full review – Circulating a viral video showing a man getting married to another woman who loves him.

Suddenly visited by his legal wife and mother in Karawang, suddenly became the subject of conversation on social media.

Suddenly, the invited guests and the bride’s family were shocked and panicked when the legal wife and the groom’s mother came to the wedding reception.

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The event was immortalized through a selfie video recording, which was carried out by the groom’s legal wife.

In the viral video, the legal wife comes to her husband who is demonstrating his wedding party.

It is known that her husband was a factory employee.

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Meanwhile, the bride is also said to be a garment factory employee in Karawang.

Suddenly, the video recorder came in. Seeing the video recording woman who was his legal wife, the groom immediately came out.

“Where are you going? Come on inside. How come you’re coming out? Why are you coming out?” a voice was heard from the video recorder on the Tiktok account @ndrian.

“Mama, don’t comment first, don’t comment first,” he continued.

However, the mother made a louder voice, until she became hysterical. When he saw that condition, the groom could only gape.

Meanwhile, inside the house, you can see the bride in her white wedding dress, only to be transfixed amidst the clamor of the invited guests.

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