A Truck Loaded with Chicken Feed Hits an Electricity Pole and a Stall and Overturns on Jalan Cagak Nagreg, Bandung

BONSERNEWS.com – A truck loaded with chicken feed crashed into an electricity pole and a stall and overturned on Jalan Cagak Nagreg, Bandung Regency, Thursday (6/7/2023).

As a result of the incident, the truck overturned across the road and the chicken feed that was being transported was scattered, resulting in the road being closed.

The Head of the Traffic Unit of the Nagreg Police, Ipda Tatang Saprudin, confirmed that there was a truck accident on Jalan Cagak Nagreg.

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“It happened at around 08.00, the overturned truck was loaded with chicken feed,” said Tatang.

According to Tatang, the truck was traveling from Purwakarta aiming for Pangandaran and while in Nagreg there was an accident.

“It is suspected that the truck lost control, then crashed into an electricity pole and a stall belonging to residents on the side of the road,” said Tatang.

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Tatang said, after crashing, the truck overturned, crossing it in the middle of the road.

“After crashing, then skidding more than 100 meters, then overturned in the middle of the road,” he said.

According to Tatang, there were no casualties in the incident.

No local residents were victims, only three people were in the truck with the driver.

“Three people were in the truck, namely the driver and two other people. They suffered minor injuries and were taken to the health center,” he said.

Now, said Tatang, the truck has been evacuated by officials assisted by the community and the traffic situation has returned to normal.

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