‘SIMSALABIM’! The Deputy Mayor of Padang’s House Was Transformed To Be The Evacuation Location Of Flood Victims In Padang

BONSERNEWS.com – The Deputy Mayor of Padang’s house was temporarily transformed into an evacuation location for flood victims. BPBD noted that there were around 32 flood points in Padang City.

Padang BPBD Secretary, Robert Candra Eka Putra, explained that the flood occurred due to heavy rainfall since Thursday (13/7) evening.

In addition, the high tide also causes Padang to be flooded.

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“This flood occurs evenly due to high rainfall plus high tides, causing high water discharge,” he said.

According to him, slowly the water has begun to recede. Even so, residents were still being evacuated until waiting for conditions to be completely safe.

“The house of the Deputy Mayor of Padang is also used as a temporary evacuation site,” he said.

Apart from that, there are temporary refugee locations, such as Parak Gadang, Musala Mustaqfirin, and Pemancingan Elementary School.

He said that at a number of flood points there were still those who needed assistance, such as in the Dadok Tunggul Hitam area and its surroundings.

“We together with the police, military and Basarnas carried out the evacuation and distributed logistical assistance,” he said.

In addition, four landslides occurred in the city of Padang in the Bukit Gado-Gado area.

“We have coordinated with the Public Works Service and related parties to bring heavy equipment for evacuation,” he said.

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