Latest June 2023! Store Crew Lockers at Miniso Karawang, Check Out the Full Terms and Conditions – In June 2023, Miniso Indonesia again opened lockers for positions Store Crew.

locker Store Crew Miniso Indonesia will be specifically for placement in the Karawang area, West Java.

For those of you who currently live in the Karawang area and its surroundings, lockers Store Crew Miniso is perfect for you.

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The following are terms and conditions that must be considered when you want to apply for a position Store Crew Miniso for Karawang area placement.

Terms and Conditions

1. Male/female, maximum age of 26 years.

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2. At least SMA/SMK equivalent graduate.

3. Good looking.

4. Minimum height of 155 cm for women and 165 cm for men.

5. Physically and psychologically healthy.

6. No tattoos and piercings.

7. Willing to be transferred according to company needs.

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