An Accident Occurred on the Surabaya Mojokerto or Sumo Toll Road Involving a PO Haryanto Bus and a Truck – There was an accident on the Surabaya-Mojokerto (Sumo) Toll Road involving Bus PO Haryanto and a truck on Thursday (22/6/2023) around 04.35 WIB.

As a result of this accident, one person died and seven others were injured.

AKP Imam Sayfudin Rodji, Head of PJR East Java III Ditlantas Polda East Java (East Java), explained that this fatal accident occurred at KM 720 on the B route of the Sumo Toll Road.

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The PO Haryanto bus with police number B 7293 VGA driven by Bimo Yudho (32 years), a resident of Taman, Sidoarjo, crashed into a truck with police number BM 8809 FU driven by Edi Riyanto (34 years), a resident of Lasem, Rembang.

“The transport bus is from the direction of Jakarta with the aim of Madura,” said Head of PJR East Java III Ditlantas Polda East Java AKP Imam Sayfudin Rodji.

Initially, the PO Haryanto Bus, which departed from Jakarta to Madura, was traveling at high speed in a slow lane.

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However, when it reached KM 720 on line B of the Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road, it was suspected that the bus driver fell asleep and lost control.

Based on the processing of the crime scene (TKP) and witness statements, the initial allegation was that the bus driver fell asleep.

“Initial suspicion is human error, the driver was sleepy,” he explained.

Finally, the bus hit the truck in front of it, which was carrying a cargo of packages weighing about 13 tonnes.

After the accident, the bus stopped in the slow lane while the truck slid onto the shoulder of the road.

Losses due to this accident are estimated at Rp 50 million.

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