Viral video of a young man dancing while holding suspected methamphetamine and Bong is busy on social media – Circulating a viral video of a young man in North Sumatra (North Sumatra) being arrested by the police after his video was dancing.

However, he danced while holding a plastic suspected of containing methamphetamine and viral bongs on social media.

In the video, you can see a man wearing a black shirt with a cigarette in his hand walking on the sidewalk which is known to be located in Tanjung Tiram District, Batu Bara.S

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While dancing, the man appeared to be showing a clip package that was suspected of methamphetamine from his left hand.

Then in his right hand is a suction cup made of plastic for a drink.

Seeing this, the police immediately moved to the location and managed to catch the man who was dancing with methamphetamine in the middle of the road.

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“After receiving reports of the viral video, members immediately searched for the person and has been arrested,” said the Head of the Batu Bara Police, AKBP Jose Fernandes.

The man who was arrested was named Yusuf (42), a resident of Hamlet I, Bandar Rahmat Village, Tanjung Tiram District, Batu Bara Regency. From the results of the interim examination he was said to be experiencing symptoms of depression.

“When we secured it, it turned out that the person was a bit depressed. The evidence in the video has also been obtained. What can be seen visually is salt. But we will still make sure later that if it is true, it is not drugs with a lab test,” said the police chief.

The police also continued to detain Yusuf because his urine test was positive for drugs.

According to Jose Fernandes, he still has time to prove whether the evidence is really drugs or not.

“Yeah, we’re still holding it first, because we still have time to make sure whether it’s really salt. There are also reports that he often causes trouble in his environment,” he added.

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