Causes of a Tronton Truck Collision Train Accident in West Semarang, What are the Conditions of the Machinist and Driver? – The train accident that hit a tronton truck on Jalan Madukoro, West Semarang did not result in any fatalities, based on the report from the Semarang Police Chief, Kombes Pol Irwan Anwar, SIK, SH, to journalists at the TKP on Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

This statement about the train accident versus the tronton truck was conveyed by the Semarang Police Chief in a video uploaded by the official Instagram account @polrestabes_semarang_official.

The train engineer and the tronton truck driver also managed to save themselves from the accident that occurred at 19.30 WIB.

The Kapolrestabes Semarang emphasized that the accident that occurred was not caused by the tronton truck crossing the railroad tracks.

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However, the truck broke down on the railroad tracks, so the driver and kernet informed the local Indonesian Railways (KAI) officers about the truck that could not be moved.

It was the swift attitude of the truck driver and crew member that helped the train to spread information quickly, so that the driver and passengers could save themselves.

Even so, the distance between the train and the truck was too close, so the accident could not be avoided.

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“Until now the steps we have taken are trying to evacuate the carriages that were crossing the TKP,” Irwan Anwar told the press.

“Then the next step will be shifting the tronton that crosses the TKP and shifting the locomotive that is now hanging over the West River Flood Canal,” he added.

Kapolrestabes Semarang said there were no fatalities, but there was one passenger who was injured trying to jump from the train when the accident occurred.

Quoted from Twitter @Jateng_Twit, the injured victims have also been treated by PMI paramedics and joint volunteers.

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