Responding to the Incident of UGM Students Denied by the Village Head’s KKN Acts Indecent Practices, Here’s the Village Head’s Clarification – Students of the Real Work Lecture (KKN) from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) were reported to have committed obscenity.

The incident was reported in one of the houses in their KKN location.

The location of the incident is located in Pucungroto Village, Kaligesing District, Purworejo Regency, Central Java.

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In the news that went viral on social media, the wife of the local village head discovered the actions of the two students, and the two of them were immediately sent home.

Responding to the news about the incident, the Head of Pucungroto Village, Eddy Widodo revealed the incident that occurred on Monday (26/6/2023).

He emphasized that the actual incident was not like what was circulating and viral on social media.

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“Indeed, when the incident concerned (the student) was sitting here (living room), but it wasn’t that bad, no one was doing obscene things,” said Eddy Widodo.

“They just sat in a row together on a chair in the living room and at the same time a friend was praying there,” he continued.

The wife of the Head of Pucungroto Village, Siti Maesaroh, also denied reports that she caught the two students doing obscene acts.

“Oh no, I didn’t have time. I was busy cooking and looking for grass in the forest,” said Maesaroh.

“Making it up, too exaggerated,” he added.

Maesaroh explained that the two KKN students only chatted in the living room and did not commit immorality as was widely reported.

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