Not only did the engineer and assistant engineer survive, the trailer truck driver and driver survived – In this horrific incident, the train driver and assistant driver of the Brantas train survived.

The two were immediately taken to the nearest health facility accompanied by the Special Railway Police Unit (Polsuska).

According to a resident at the scene, the driver and assistant driver had jumped into the river after the collision to save themselves.

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“Based on information from Daop 4 Semarang, the train crew is reported to be in a safe condition,” said KAI Public Relations Manager Daop 7 Madiun Supriyanto.

Furthermore, the police confirmed that none of the train passengers were injured in the accident.

“There were no fatalities, there was only one passenger who was reported injured,” said the head of the Semarang Big City Police, Kombes Pol Irwan Anwar.

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KAI also apologized to customers for the disruption to train travel and services.

As a result of this collision, there were 6 passenger train trips that experienced delays.

“For train trips, up to now there are 6 passenger train trips that have experienced delays, namely: KA 112 Brantas, KA 178 Kamandaka, KA 199F Kaligung, KA 111 Brantas, KA 129 Gumarang, and KA 220 Kertajaya,” wrote KAI.

It is not known for sure what caused this accident.

However, it is suspected that a tronton truck that stopped in the middle of a railroad crossing broke down while crossing.

The driver and driver of the trailer truck were reported safe, they allegedly fled from the location of the KA Brantas vs truck accident.

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