Laptop Containing Thesis Files Burned Out, Here’s the Sad Story of a Semester 7 Unsri Student Who Got a Disaster – A video circulating on TikTok of a female student from Sriwijaya University (Unsri) whose laptop containing her thesis files was burnt to the ground.

It is known that the laptop containing the thesis files was burned along with the house and other items belonging to the Unsri student.

The tears of the Unsri female students who were victims of the fire in Plaju Ujung. Burnt laptop containing thesis files,” wrote in the video.

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The video then shows a student who is crying, then being questioned by the video recorder.

From the video it is known that her name is Mariska, a semester 7 student at Sriwijaya University (Unsri) who is working on her thesis.

He also told the video recorder that the laptop containing his thesis files had caught fire.

The laptop does not only contain the thesis but also Mariska’s lecture data that she has collected.

His laptop caught fire, he couldn’t take it.Mariska said to the video recorder while crying.

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All college data is lost, KTP is lost, everything is not there,Mariska continued while pointing at her burning house.

He also did not have time to save the thesis file in flash disk or in a cloud service like Google Drive.

He also had never printed the thesis so he had to redo everything from scratch.

Usually it’s on the laptop (thesis file), I don’t have time to back up,Mariska said to the video recorder.

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