‘CAUGHT’! A Man from Mamuju Commits a Criminal Act and a Case of Sacrificial Cattle Fraud, See His Reviews

BONSERNEWS.com – Anto (32), a man from Mamuju, was arrested by Unit V of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Mamuju Police, on Wednesday (28/6/2023) early this morning.

This was because he was involved in a case of sacrificial cattle fraud.

The perpetrator was arrested on Jalan Abdul Malik Pattana Endeng, Simboro Village, Simboro District, Mamuju Regency.

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Initially the victim wanted to buy three cows from the perpetrator for a total price of IDR 23 million.

“However, after the victim asked for the cow to be taken, the perpetrator only made promises by delivering the cow directly, but after the victim asked local residents it turned out that the perpetrator did not have a cow, only someone else’s cow was shown,” said Head of Resmob Unit Ipda Robertona Siburian .

Feeling cheated by the perpetrator, the victim finally reported it to the authorities based on LP/B/156/VI/2023/SPKT/RESTA MAMUJU/SULBAR, 21 June 2023.

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“Because the victim felt cheated, the victim finally reported the incident at the Mamuju Police,” he explained.

The alleged perpetrator committed a crime of fraud and then the money from the crime of fraud was used to buy chips and everyday life.

Currently the perpetrators and evidence have been secured at the Mamuju Police for further investigation.

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