Up in arms! Accident KAI KA Brantas hit a truck in Semarang, Central Java: Tronton explodes, carriage catches fire

BONSERNEWS.com – A traffic accident that shook Central Java occurred on Tuesday (18/7) at 19.32 WIB at JPL 6 Km 1+523, on the Jerakah-Semarang Poncol road section.

The incident involved KA 112 (KA Brantas) which was operating from Pasar Senen to Blitar, and a tronton truck that was on that route.

As a result of the collision, the Brantas train locomotive suffered a massive explosion and caught fire, causing the two train lines on the Jerakah-Semarang Poncol section to become impassable.

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Although this incident caused significant damage to facilities and infrastructure, and resulted in delays in train travel, the good news is that there were no fatalities as a result of this incident.

The engineer, assistant engineer, and passengers of the Brantas train were declared safe from the accident.

However, the fate of the tronton driver is unknown, and is still a concern for KAI officers and related parties in the evacuation process.

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This accident is a reminder to the public about the importance of obeying the rules at level crossings.

KAI’s VP Public Relations, Joni Martinus, re-emphasized the importance of stopping at STOP signs, looking left and right, and giving priority rights to passing trains.

This rule has been regulated in Law no. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Transport Traffic, article 114.

Legal sanctions will await drivers who do not comply with these rules, including imprisonment for up to 3 months.

Apart from causing disruption to train travel and material losses, this incident has also raised concerns about safety at level crossings.

KAI officers worked hard to evacuate the trains and trucks involved in this accident.

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