Viral Video Showing Some Residents Chasing Black Cars Up to the Riau Police Headquarters Page, What’s Up? – Circulating a viral video showing several residents chasing a black car after it was called a riot in the Main Stadium area, Pekanbaru, viral on social media.

Not only that, the black car was chased by residents to the Riau Police Headquarters yard.

In the video, it appears that at first the black car was surrounded by teenagers.

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Then, the black car tried to break through the crowd until it finally stepped on the gas towards the city.

In fact, in another video, residents can be seen crowding in front of the Riau Police Headquarters, Jalan Pattimura.

In his statement, the driver of the black car was said to have been chased into the Riau Police Headquarters yard.

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“The black car that crashed into and was chased by a crowd of two-wheeled riders from Jalan Naga Sakti, managed to escape and entered the Riau Police,” wrote a statement from the Instagram account @kabarpekanbaru.

Residents crowded at the entrance to the Riau Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, information was received that the driver was a member of the police serving at the Riau Police.

It is known that the incident occurred on Sunday (26/6/2023) afternoon.

However, the exact chronology of events cannot be ascertained.

Regarding this incident, the Head of the Handsome Police, Pekanbaru, Kompol Asep Rahmat, confirmed that there was an incident that occurred in his area.

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