Mamma Rosy Restaurant in Kemang Viral after Serving a Pork Menu for Muslim Customers, Here’s the Clarification – Recently, Mamma Rosy’s restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta, has been in the spotlight on social media after being accused of being one of the restaurants serving pork spaghetti to Muslim customers.

Several Muslim customers who visited the Mamma Rosy restaurant in Kemang claimed to have ordered beef spaghetti.

However, when they were about to pay at the cashier, they found a statement on the receipt stating that they ordered spaghetti with pork.

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This made the customer angry and then spread the story on social media until it went viral.

One customer who felt disappointed told what happened via his Instagram @armaclay***, which revealed his disappointing experience at the restaurant.

There are many pro and con comments regarding this problem on social media, some people support Mamma Rosy’s side and some show a contra attitude.

“In my opinion, if a case like this occurs, it should be sufficiently resolved when complaining at the restaurant. There is no need to take it to social media because it is just a misunderstanding and a mere input error. And it turns out that the buyer also knows that there is pork on the menu. Are you sure that the dish is different when it’s cooked? Maybe you’re angry because you don’t know there’s a pork menu, apparently,” said @yoh**.

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“For Muslims, if they already know that the restaurant they visited sells a menu of pork and alcoholic drinks, they shouldn’t have to eat there. Like there are no other halal restaurants. If you are still reckless, then the sin is your own responsibility,” criticized @kop. **.

“Even though the mistake came from Mamma Rosy, when expressing her opinion with religion, it gives an opportunity to ask, why are you still eating at that place,” commented @ses**.

However, it is important to note that this incident does not reflect the general policy or practice of Mamma Rosy restaurants.

Negative reviews about the Mamma Rosy restaurant began to appear on Google Maps.

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