Netizens Start Comparing Fahmi Husaeni’s Figure with Adriaman Lase, Fahmi Husaeni Receives Praise from Netizens – The case of Anggi Anggraeni, a substitute for Bogor who went viral because she ran away after a day of marriage, is still being discussed excitedly.

Apart from the figure of Anggi Anggraeni who was skinned, the two men who filled her heart were also in the spotlight.

Fahmi Husaeni and Adriaman Lase were compared by netizens.

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Fahmi Husaeni and Adriaman Lase were standing side by side.

The public also compared the appearance and appearance of the two.

Seeing the differences between the two, the audience was surprised why Anggi Anggraeni chose Adriaman Lase.

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As is known, Fahmi Husaeni is the legal husband who married Anggi Anggraeni on June 25, 2023.

Meanwhile, Adriaman Lase is an ex-boyfriend who Anggi Anggraeni visited after one day of marriage.

Although they both filled Anggi Anggraeni’s heart, the two men had a number of differences. Starting from the profession to the origin.

Fahmi Husaeni is a young man from Mekarsari Village, Rancabungur District, Bogor Regency.

It is known that Fahmi Husaeni, who is 25 years old, is known to be agile and tenacious and is a role model in his village.

Since graduating from high school, Fahmi Husaeni has gone straight to work and is not tired of earning a living.

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