Viral Video of the Wife of a Brimob Police Member Entering the Line at a Public Fuel Filling Station – There is a viral video on social media allegedly the wife of a Brimob police member driving a Fortuner barged into the queue.

This incident occurred when he was about to refuel at a Public Fuel Filling Station (SPBU).

In the video, it is known that the incident allegedly occurred in the Simpang Granit area, Riau.

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“The police wife uses a fortuner to robot the queue at the Pom, making a fuss calling her husband… Very prosperous too… The Brigadier already has a Fortuner… very diligent in saving money, Simpang Granit Riau,” said the Twitter account @Pai *** .

It is suspected that a woman driving a Fortuner type car that jumped in line at a gas station is the wife of a member of the Mobile Brigade (Brimob).

Then the netizen who uploaded the video was heard ‘calling’ the National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

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“The one who brought the black Fortuner is apparently a woman, the wife of an officer, deserves to play robotically, doesn’t join the queue,” wrote in the video.

When she was reprimanded, she allegedly called her husband who is a member of the police.

He immediately called his husband, a Brimob, and even got into a fight with us too. It was the wife who was wrongly defended, what about the Chief of Police? A state apparatus invites us to fight, we are not weak drivers, Mr. Kapolri, we just respect our service, sir,” he said.

Suddenly, netizens were furious about the action of the Fortuner car grabbing the line.

“Does it need to be skinned, where can the car come from?” netizens said.

“I used to curse at uniformed policemen who grabbed the queue at the gas station, maybe because I’m a woman, they were embarrassed to serve me & finally gave in to go, the other day they told me that the women at the gas station scolded their friends, uh one of the friends who was invited to tell the story turned out to be my husband , they cursed me with my husband,” added another netizen. ()

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