Savage! Two Men Filmed Throwing A Live Dog Into A Crocodile Inhabited Swamp – Two men suspected of being workers in Sembakung, Nunukan, North Kalimantan, were recorded by another man throwing a live dog into a swamp.

The two men allegedly knew that there was a crocodile in the swamp and deliberately lured the ill-fated dog into the swamp.

The cameraman and the two men were heard laughing and happy when the dog was thrown and immediately became food for the crocodiles in the swamp.

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To view the video, CLICK HERE.

The video uploaded on Twitter by @HafidzAlattas has been watched by more than 60,000 Indonesian netizens.

According to a netizen, @findingdery, at first, the three men above “called” and pretended they were going to feed the dog.

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However, as it turned out, they threw him into a swamp to become food for a crocodile who quickly ate him.

Meanwhile, many other netizens condemned this heinous act and called the perpetrators barbaric.

Some of the netizens who watched the video asked for strict action against the perpetrators by the authorities.

In addition, some other netizens hope that the perpetrators will have the same fate as the poor dog.

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