The following is a chronology related to viral videos when the bride dies after the Ijab Kabul – The following is a chronology of the death of the bride after the consent was granted. After 5 minutes, the family cried hysterically.

The sadness of a husband from Palembang, the wife he just married had to leave him forever.

The bride died after the consent granted was completed.

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This incident, of course, shocked all residents.

Even his family was immediately shocked to see the bride and groom die.

A bride in Palembang died just 5 minutes after carrying out her marriage contract at her house on Jalan Iswahyudi, Kalidoni District, Palembang, Sunday (2/7/2023).

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It is known that the bride who died in Palembang was named Dwi Oktaviani, aged around 39 years.

Previously, the news that the bride had died in Palembang due to viral exhaustion on social media.

Someone suspected of being his family did not want to give too much information.

But he confirmed the existence of this sad event.

“Yes, it’s true, it was our ayuk (sister) who died,” said a family member who did not want to be named and was sweeping the yard.

The woman said her older sister died because she was too tired and had a history of illness.

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