Related to Paspampres Pulling North Bengkulu Regent’s Arm, Mian This is what the Presidential Secretariat said, let’s see the review – The Presidential Secretariat (Setpres) spoke about the video showing members of the Presidential Security Force (Paspampres) pulling the arm of North Bengkulu Regent Mian.

This happened during President Joko Widodo’s working visit to Purwodadi Market, North Bengkulu, last Friday (21/7/2023).

Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Septres Bey Machmudin explained that this was done by Paspampres because Mian accidentally blocked the movement of Mrs. Iriana Jokowi who was walking behind him.

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“A Paspampres reflexively pulled the North Bengkulu Regent’s arm to keep his distance so as not to jeopardize the steps of the President and the First Lady who were being surrounded by the public,” said Bey.

Bey said, after pulling Mian’s arm, members of the Paspampres actually embraced and whispered to Mian that his steps almost hit Iriana.

“The moment when the Regent embraced was not caught on camera, so what was seen was only when the Paspampres seemed to be pulling forcibly to keep their distance,” said Bey.

Bey added that Mian thanked the Paspampres for pulling him up so he was safe and did not crash into Iriana due to being pushed by the crowd.

The video of Mian being pulled by Paspampres has recently been circulating on social media.

Mian was initially seen with Jokowi’s entourage doing blusukan in the middle of the market.

The market atmosphere at that time did look crowded because many residents were scrambling to approach Jokowi.

At one point, Mian, who was wearing a brown safari shirt, was suddenly pulled by members of the Paspampres.

Mian admits that he doesn’t have a problem with this because the most important thing is that the development program from the center can be withdrawn to North Bengkulu Regency.

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