This Bride Disappeared the Day After Marriage, Said Goodbye to Take Ojol Orders – Netizens are being shocked by Anggi Anggraeni, a bride in Bogor who disappeared the day after she got married.

Anggi Anggraeni (21) is a bride who was reported missing by her husband the day after getting married in Bogor.

The day after their marriage, Anggi Anggraeni was found to have made an appointment with someone to buy geprek chicken using the on-site payment system (COD) in the Rancabungur area, Bogor.

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This incident was reported by Anggi’s husband named Fahmi Husaeni (26) who also posted news of Anggi’s disappearance on social media.

Fahmi said that his wife had been missing since Monday, June 26, 2023 in the afternoon at 17.00.

It’s only been a day of marriage. I got married on Sunday the 25th. Monday afternoon at 17’s was gone (disappeared), it happened Monday afternoon the 26th,said the husband of Anggi.

At the time of the incident, Anggi was known to be wearing a brown shirt, purple pants, and wearing a black headscarf.

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Fahmi also said that before Anggi disappeared, they still managed to make video calls.

The video call was made by Anggi while waiting for the geprek chicken order that she ordered through an online motorcycle taxi.

Anggi then gave permission to leave to take online motorcycle taxi orders in an alley near his house.

Not long after, Anggi’s cellphone died and could not be contacted, so Fahmi followed her to the alley where Anggi was last waiting for the geprek chicken.

When Fahmi arrived, he did not find the whereabouts of the wife he had just married.
Fahmi has also tried to contact Anggi via WhatsApp (WA), but received no response.

Fahmi then reported the disappearance of his wife, whom he had only married the day before, to the Rancabungur Police.

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