Septic Tank Boarding House ‘MLEDUK’ Because of Boarding House Occupants Smoking When Defecating, See Full Reviews – The septic tank in a boarding house in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi, exploded.

This explosion occurred because gas from the septic tank caught fire because the occupants of the boarding house smoked while defecating (BAB).

After the explosion, the Forensic Laboratory Team (Labfor) together with the Bomb Disposal Team (Jibom) of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Mobile Brigade came down to examine the explosion.

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Kapolres Wajo AKBP Fatchur Rochma said the incident allegedly originated from gas in the boarding house.

Fathur said the gas elements found were said to be similar to the gas elements found in the septic tank.

“Based on the results of TKP analysis, the cause of the explosion was a gas element similar to that in the septic tank,” said Fatchur.

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Fathur explained, the victim lit a match to smoke when the victim wanted to defecate.

The fire that was ignited is suspected to be the trigger for the explosion of the gas in the septic tank.

“The victim lit a match with the intention of smoking while defecating, so for a while it was suspected that the South Sulawesi Regional Police Forensic Center was the one that triggered the explosion,” explained Fatchur.

As a result of this incident, the victim suffered burns.

AKBP Fatchur said the victim suffered 30 to 40 percent burns.

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