Deputy Mayor of Makassar Not Only Collecting and Exhibiting Luxury Goods and Holidays Abroad – Again, one of the Makassar Deputy Mayor officials is in the public spotlight because he likes to collect and display luxury goods.

Deputy Mayor of Makassar, Fatmawati Rusdi, is seen not only showing off luxury goods, but also traveling abroad.

In fact, Makassar City is experiencing high poverty and infrastructure such as roads is still badly damaged.

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Many people whose behavior is compared to the situation in their area.

One of the figures who revealed his behavior with the current state of Makassar and its residents.

Quoted from the Twitter account @bung_madin, on Tuesday (4/7/2023) this figure bravely skinned the number two person in Makassar.

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“This time, Bung Madin wants to discuss the Deputy Mayor of Makassar, who is seen wearing super luxurious items branded ‘Christian Dior’. It’s really sad,” he wrote.

There is a photo showing Fatmawati wearing this luxurious bag while on vacation. It is known that the Christian Dior branded bag has a price of around IDR 41 million.

According to him, every official cannot escape the hedonistic lifestyle that often displays luxury items.

“In fact, if you look at Makassar City, it is suffering, both poverty and poor infrastructure,” he said.

He also mentioned that there were many complaints and complaints from the public that were expressed through various social media platforms.

“But the story is like the wind that just passed, there was no response at all,” he said.

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