Regarding the incident of the fall of the school building elevator in Az Zahra Bandar Lampung, here’s a look at the facts – The incident of the fall of a school building elevator in Bandar Lampung left seven construction workers dead and two people seriously injured.

The incident occurred at the Az Zahra Integrated Islamic School (IT) on Jalan Mayjen DI Panjaitan on Wednesday (5/7/2023) at around 16.30 WIB.

Regarding the incident where the elevator dropped, the police have examined eight witnesses including security officers, the head of the foundation and the school administrator.

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The police are investigating criminal elements and alleged negligence in the elevator accident at the elite school.

The five facts in the elevator accident case that claimed lives are as follows:

1. 7 people died, 2 were seriously injured

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Head of Satreskrim Polrest Bandar Lampung Police Commissioner (Kompol) Dennis Arya Putra revealed that the victims were construction workers.

“The victims were going home from work and took the elevator from the top floor,” he said.

He said as many as nine builders were victims in the accident.

“The victim died 7 people and 2 people are still in intensive care at the hospital,” he said.

The identity of the victims who died was Udin (65), a resident of Jalan Pangeran Emir M Noer, Bandar Lampung.

Rahmatullah (38), a resident of the Olok Gading State Village, Teluk Betung Barat District, Bandar Lampung.

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