A Content Creator Gives ‘Spicy’ Criticism Due to Anger with the Government’s Promise to Repair the Suspension Bridge

BONSERNEWS.com – A viral video circulating showing a woman criticizing the government regarding the Lalay Cimandiri bridge in Warungkiara District, Sukabumi Regency which was damaged and has not been repaired has gone viral on social media.

In the video, this woman, who is also a content creator, admits that she is furious with promises from the government that there will be no infrastructure improvements through her account @namanyajuag, quoted on Monday (3/7/2023).

Apparently, the woman said that the government promised to repair the Suspension Bridge by 2021 at the latest. However, until now there has been no renovation.

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It is known, this Suspension Bridge reaches 60 meters and is the main road connecting 4 villages.

So many people pass by every day.

However, the damaged condition made the residents uneasy because they were afraid of causing casualties.

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According to this creator’s content, the Suspension Bridge, which has been built for decades until now, has not been repaired by the local government.

The condition of the Suspension Bridge also looks fragile, to the extent that the local residents had to repair the damage with makeshift materials.

In addition, the creator’s content also shows an emergency warning banner above the bridge.

“Attention! The bridge is in an emergency. Vehicles with a load of more than 1 ton are prohibited from entering,” the banner reads.

Not only bridges, it turns out that the creator’s content also shows damaged road infrastructure.

Because he was furious with the government’s attitude that never improved the infrastructure there.

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