Trailer Truck Drivers Involved in Accidents with Brantas Trains or Brantas Trains Violating Street Classes – Police are still investigating the collision of the Brantas train (KA Brantas) with a trailer truck on the Jalan Madukoro bridge, Semarang, Central Java.

The police are still gathering a number of pieces of evidence and statements from witnesses, including truck drivers and assistants, drivers, train gatekeepers from the Transportation Agency.

“It’s still under investigation. All are being investigated. The cases will be held later. Only later will you know who is the suspect,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto.

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To this day, the driver and kernet are still being detained for further investigation at the Semarang Polrestabes.

Bayu Setiato said that the trailer truck driver who was involved in an accident with the Brantas train (KA Brantas) violated the class of the road.

The trailer truck should have been banned from crossing the Madukoro Raya railroad crossing, Krobokan, West Semarang.

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However, on the grounds that it is faster, the driver still crosses the road.

“The driver knows it’s not his way. It’s a class 2 road. You can’t go there,” he said.

While the driver admitted that before the collision he had used the emergency brake.

“From the information the driver had used the emergency brake (before the collision),” he said.

Then the driver’s provisional statement, as soon as crossing the rails the vehicle suddenly died.

The driver has repeatedly tried up to four times to start the engine but still dead.

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