Viral Wife Catches Husband Remarries Another Woman in Karawang, Says Saying Goodbye to Out of Town Service – Netizens are being shocked by a viral video of a wife whose husband’s daughter remarries in Karawang.

The husband, who was a garment factory employee, was found secretly remarried to another woman by his legal wife.

What’s more viral is a wife coming to her husband’s wedding. Happened in Karawang. (Husband) a garment factory employee. Husband said goodbye to service outside,” reads the caption in the video.

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At the beginning of the video, the video recorder, who is known to be a woman, walks towards a house without a fence.

The house seemed crowded because there was an event, with a number of motorbikes parked on the street of the complex in front of the house.

The video recorder began to enter the house and asked local residents about the event that was being held.

Is this Bayu’s wedding with Suhartati?,” asked the video recorder who was confirmed by a man.

The video recorder then walked to the door of the house saying hello and greeting the people inside.

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Inside the house, several women were seen wearing the same blue uniform.

Shortly after the video recording woman said hello, a man wearing glasses and a white shirt appeared.

The man pushed out of the house past the video recorder at the door.

The man apparently is the legal husband of the video recorder who is a woman and his wife.

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