The Discovery of a Corpse Wrapped in a Carpet Under the Kedungprau Toll Bridge Shocks the Ngawi Residents! – A shocking incident occurred under the Kedungprau toll bridge, Widodaren District, Ngawi Regency.

A dead body wrapped in a carpet was found by local residents.

The discovery of mayar wrapped in carpet originated from a man who was looking for grass and smelled an unpleasant odor.

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He then went home and asked his brother to check the truth of his findings.

This information was first uploaded via the Instagram account @aboutngawi, and many netizens connected it with the murder case in Ponorogo.

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This incident shook the local residents, who did not expect to find something so horrific in their neighborhood.

The discovery of the body was immediately reported to the authorities, and a police team was immediately dispatched to the location to conduct an investigation.

At this time, the identity of the victim and the cause of death have yet to be ascertained.

The police have secured the crime scene (TKP) and conducted a forensic examination of the body.

The carpet surrounding the corpse was also part of the evidence gathered to assist in the investigation of the case.

Although there is no official information about the contract killing case in Ponorogo, many netizens have made assumptions and spread them through comments on the Instagram upload.

However, it is important not to jump to conclusions that have not been officially confirmed by the authorities.

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