VIRAL! A ring ‘stuck’ in a man’s genitals and forced the male genitalia to be cut off – Unusual items are often used as sexual aids. One of them is a ring that is inserted into the penis to give an erection sensation. However, the object is at risk of getting stuck in vital organs.

The incident happened to a man in Semarang, Central Java. In order for the ring to get stuck off his penis, the man had to call the local fire department.

The Semarang City Firefighters shared the incident directly via their official Instagram account.

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“Evacuate the release of a ring that cannot be removed in a vital place which causes swelling, Monday, June 19, 2023 at 05.00,” said the firefighter’s report.

The uploaded video shows the evacuation process carried out by two firefighters. The ring is removed by cutting it with a metal cutting tool.

Meanwhile, the identity of the victim has not been disclosed. From this incident, firefighters reminded the public to always be careful in their actions.

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“Remain careful and alert, yes, Semarang city residents, contact us immediately if you need help,” he concluded.

Inserting unnatural objects into the genitals is very dangerous. This action can cause infection in the penis and is thought to increase the risk of penile cancer.

It is not uncommon for patients to come to a surgeon, especially a urinary tract surgeon, with a destroyed penis.

If this has happened, surgery must be carried out and usually more than one operation.

Because the first stage of surgery is done to remove foreign bodies from the penis. Then stage 2 surgery to improve the shape of the destroyed penis.

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