6 Best Safe Sharia Bank Deposits with the Highest Interest in 2022

So that your income does not run out just to spend on goods, please set aside a large amount of money for deposit. In Indonesia, there are some of the best Islamic bank deposit programs that can help you save money with Islamic concepts and foundations with the highest interest rates in 2022.

Through sharia deposits, money will be stored in the bank for a predetermined period of time. Then, what is the difference between Islamic and conservative deposits? In essence, sharia deposits are managing finances by implementing Islamic knowledge with a mudharabah pledge.

Together with the bank, customers work together, entrusting the mechanism for profit sharing, not relying on interest.

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The Best Sharia Bank Deposits with the Highest Interest in 2022

Instead of worrying about the explanations going round and round here, just read the six references to the best Islamic bank deposits in Indonesia for 2022 with the following basic Islamic principles:

1. iB Time Deposit – CIMB Niaga

CIMB Niaga customers can now register for the sharia deposit program, where the mechanism for the results is truly profitable. You can deposit for 1 month or even 12 months with a minimum amount of Rp. 8 million only.

There are many benefits to being a CIMB Niaga Syariah customer. Except for the 59% ratio, customers are given the convenience of online business transactions with Go Mobile, cell phone accounts and much more.

The requirements for opening a deposit are very easy, you only need to be 18 years old. Besides that, having a job, whether as a permanent employee, professional employee or self-employed, is one of the conditions.

2. BSM Deposits

It has been eight years since Muamalat was founded and runs an Islamic bank in Indonesia. Bank Berdikari opened a counter program which was hereinafter known as Bank Syariah Mandiri. Business transactions at BSM Deposits feel happier because they are free from usury, aka without interest.

Even without usury, it does not mean that customers do not get the same benefits. The customer still gains which is recognized as a mechanism for results. Those of you who are interested in becoming a BSM Deposito customer, only need to pay the initial deposit of Rp. 2 million in a period of 1-12 months.

The best sharia deposit investment benefits at BSM, you can save funds more safely. Bank Berdikari has an ARO (Automatic Roll Over) feature and a super competitive profit sharing system.

3. BNI Syariah Deposit Ib Hasanah

The next best sharia deposit is offered by BNI. This deposit is regulated by BNI using the concept of working in accordance with the Shari’a for companies or individuals. They as BNI Syariah Ib Hasanah customers will receive various benefits.

Calculated to get a ratio for competitive results with a percentage of 50%: 50% for a period of 12 months. BNI Syariah offers other currency options, not only Indonesian rupiahs, but also provides US Dollar currency.

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4. Danamon Sharia Deposits

At Danamon, the sharia investment mechanism requires customers to submit a minimum deposit of Rp. 8 million for individuals and Rp. 100 million for legal entities. When choosing Danamon Deposito automatically you will get various benefits with a little risk.

This bank has the most professional security mechanism with super flexible work. Because it uses a profit-sharing mechanism, Danamon Syariah offers a ratio that is not burdensome for both parties.

5. Muamalat Ib Hijrah Deposits

Those who plan to invest must do it right. Compared to stock investment, which is still uncertain, it will be better if the investment is in a bank with a sharia mechanism. The best and most popular sharia deposit program at Muamalat is iB Moving Deposit. The Bank Muamalat deposit facility is truly flexible with a mechanism for optimal results.

There are several good things that you can get when you become a Muamalat Deposito iB Transfer customer with a minimum account balance of Rp. 5 million or equal to USD 1,000. These deposit investment options are very diverse, you can deposit money within one month or up to one year.

6. Deposito iB – Bank Syariah Bukopin

Many are worried about the interest mechanism programmed by conservative banks. To outsmart customers move to Islamic banks. One of them is a deposit product similar to the sharia concept offered by Bank Bukopin. Bukopin entrusts the mudharabah mutlaqa pledge mechanism.

This means that the full power to use and manage deposit money is held by the bank. The Bukopin Deposito iB product provides many benefits for customers, where customers can do an Automatic Roll Over if they wish. Customers are given waivers to be able to take funds for results in cash or use the transfer feature.

Apart from that, there are super short period investment options that can use the Ib On Call deposit facility. This deposit term is not even up to 1 month, a maximum of three weeks with a minimum amount of Rp. 100 million. After getting a lot of profit through this deposit, those of you who want to continue investing can do extensions automatically.

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